About Us

The most effective platform to reach a predominant Malayalam speakingaudience in the Middle East.

We, 7newsmedia.com, the Dubai based News portal and related media verticals penetrates the highest viewership base by all sections of the society and has made its presence felt strongly in the life of the Keralite community in the Middle East. With its wide coverage of local news and events, offering a variety of perspectives on issues that matter, has become the heartbeat of hundreds of thousands of Malayalee audience. Accurate and credible news reports, meaningful editorials, insight into the peoples livelyhood and updates on local laws and regulations are some features which make 7 News Media stand apart from others.


Our Credibility & Reach

The 7newsmedia.com viewed and graced by several eminent personalities and organizations. They supported us with much enthusiasm and pleasure and offered the same in future too. As we are the new comers in the news media industry, our appearance and presentations gained applause from variety fields in its short span of time.

We have strong audience data with community back up and we have achieved wide viewership from general public. We have strong & networks like K.M.C.C, the government registered top most Malayalee organization in Dubai and UAE.

From its recent inception, we got much attention with appreciations and have carved out a niche for itself growing to become an indivisible part of life for a large number of readers both in the middle east, India and abroad


Our Strength

7newsmedia.com caters to a wide cross section of readers that predominantly speak Malayalam. The Indian community makes the biggest expatriate population in the UAE with over 2 million people or 30% of the total population. Keralites account for over 50% of the Indian community in UAE.

7newsmedia.com finds a strong viewership with its influential Malyalee population.

With endorsement from highly
influential community and association and backed by specialists and
experts in journalism and 7newsmedia.com has become a top choice for advertising among multinational companies.